Position Specific Coaching

Position Specific Sessions

From £25 per hour session our coaches can deliver the following position specific based sessions with video analysis:

  • Attacking – receiving, movement, finishing, 1v1, creative runs, psychological elements
  • Midfielders – receiving, dribbling, range of passing relating to the game, movement off the ball, defensive understanding, support play and combination play, psychological elements
  • Defenders – positioning, playing from the back, defending 1v1, 2v2, rotations and passing players on, communication, positioning in relation to units of players, psychology of defending.
  • Wide players – strategies 1v1, movement to receive, crossing, overlapping/ when to move inside, scoring opportunities and scenarios, dribbling/ running with the ball, passing and combination play.

We can deliver to teams, units of teams, combinations of age groups, academy teams, junior to adult.


Adult team sessions £35 per session 1.5 hours

Junior Team £30 per 1 hour

Units of teams – for eg u8-10 strikers course £30 per session or 6 sessions for £150

Friends groups exclusive to max 12 players £7 per 1.5 hour session – intensive coaching based and includes video analysis meetings with all players ongoing.

Academy team sessions £35 per hour session with analysis/ presentation £10


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