Football Academy



Beyond the field Values included in our coaching curriculum
to teach valuable life lessons, on and off the field.
Our sessions teach:

1. Life skills and character attributes that will serve them in their lives and their community.

2. Appreciating the time and effort of parents

3. Looking after themselves, the environment and the equipment

4. Good sportsmanship and honesty



The aim for each child is the be comfortable in possesion of the ball and understand the game without the ball.
Our experienced and engaged coaching staff challenge players to learn skills that you might not even see in the professional game and reach their full potential.
We use sport to promote a fun, healthy, and active lifestyle for all of our players and families.
We provide healthy competition in sessions and games but the process is always more important that the score/ result.
If we teach children to value the process then the result will look after itself.



Saturdays 10-11am at BECKFOOT SCHOOL, BINGLEY


Your child will learn:

  1. A range of movements, dribbling techniques, turning and forward moves with a ball each
  2. Communication skills with the coach and other children
  3. Core values such as hand shakes, helping others, developing friendships
  4. introduction when ready to 1v1 games which depending on development of skills moves into 2v2, 3v3, 4v4
  5. a potential pathway into a professional development centre

UNDER 6-8s

Within this age, the ones who experienced the 3-5 programme do have an advantage having learned the skills, played in the same environment etc. Anyone is welcome to attend and the players are coached on a variety of dribbling, 1v1, finishing, defending, short passing (in game situations only) and a number of movement skills mainly with the ball or relevant to the game.

For any child progessing well within this age category we have opportunities to move into professional development centre groups and ultimately sign for a professional club if right for the individual and their family.

Within this age banding we organise games, festivals and tournaments against local teams and professional clubs depending on the level of the child.

U7/8 v Leeds United Academy

AGES U9-11

All players welcome. We will tailor group sessions to individual ability and level of where they are at this stage. We have junior grassroots players, children who haven’t been signed at pro clubs and some having left professional clubs/ been released.

Our aim is to upskill those who need it, increase game understanding but heavily work technicall/ skills transitions as many young players miss out in this area between these ages with results being favoured over developement which is a long term process.

Games are organised for these age categories and pathways exist into professional club trials or development centres.



Current Coaching Sessions for Ages 3-12


High Level curriculum of skills coaching, technical and tactical small sided games and periodic matches and tournaments.




Mondays and Wednesdays Beckfoot School, Bingley 6-7PM

Under 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 to Under 13s

Fridays Sandylands sports centre, Skipton 5-6pm ages 5-12

Saturdays 10-11am Beckfoot School, 10-11am ages 3-6

£45 per month

includes all sessions and matches/tournaments

Under 10 boys recent away trip to York City Academy